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Tumble tile installers, Jupiter Countertop Installers

When you are working with tiles, you would usually think things are about the material you are using and the colors. However, things get a bit complicated when you need to start wondering about the design and finish. At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we know most people struggle trying to figure out what is all this smooth, tumbled, and rough finish. Then consider the way the tiles will be installed, and the list just keeps going from there. This is why we have a separate section for tiles, and our tumble tile installers are the most requested in all this.

When you are going over tumble tiles, you will see this is a type of finish, but people can use it to refer to the process used to make the finish possible. When working with us, we will focus on what the tile is and how it looks so that you have a good idea of what you are getting and why you should choose it compared to other results.

Put simply, these tumble tiles are the usual options you see, but you will notice the soft and smooth look they offer, making it more natural at some point to install due to their worn look and how they look a bit antique and unique.

You get rounded edges, corners that have a softer face than your standards, or you can aim for a matte finish with a more rustic and pointy edge. It all depends on the main material and specific tile you are acquiring.

However, there’s beauty in all the variations you can get and find as long as you take the time for it.

Our company highly recommends considering tumble tile installation as you can get the chance to save time and resources for your project.

What Are the Best Options Offered by Our Tumble Tile Installers?

The rustic surface is the most common one. While smooth options are always available in the market, the truth is that people aim for tumble tiles when they are looking for the other end of finishes: a surface that is more of fissures and brings an antique look.

We highly suggest using it when you are trying to get a more natural and unique look that won’t affect your surface and bring more durability in terms of quality and how unique it can be.

For some people, tumble tiles and this rustic and antique design may not be a favorite, but they can highly benefit you when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

That being said, this is all about the finish itself. But when you ask us about the tumble tile options we can offer, we are happy to let you know that everything is doable.

As we mentioned before, tumble is also referred to as the process used to create the texture and design. Therefore, this means that the material is processed, not simply obtained from nature and other situations.

Consequently, you can work around all types of materials. The most popular ones include quartzite, slate, marble, granite, and onyx. Some people like using travertine and limestone as well, especially when they are aiming for outdoor projects and designs.

Tumbled marble is the most popular option, following how people love marble as a stand-alone. Therefore, you can have us perform the process and create the surface and finish based on our preferences and what you want and need to get the total in square feet.

We only use high-quality stones and brands. Therefore, rest assured that durability and quality won’t be compromised regardless of your choice.

How Much Does Tumble Tile Installation Cost?

The cost will highly depend on the material you are tumbling and the square footage you have to cover with the tiles. In most cases, people pay about $11 per square foot. However, this usually applies to travertine and the most affordable materials.

For options such as marble, quartz, and quartzite, prices will be higher following the regular cost for any of these natural elements. At Jupiter Countertop Installer, we can offer you a customized option for your space.

We will work with you around a budget, consider your preferences, and make sure you don’t have to worry about quality and designs. We will bring multiple variables depending on your needs and the specific type of tile you are looking for.

Extra expenses and fees will be included when needed. However, our tumble tile installers usually work around the square foot price or cost for the project.