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Cambria installation, Jupiter Countertop Installers

One of the things we pride ourselves on the most is how we work with high-quality materials and options. We have made this possible by including professional brands and making sure they have a long record that can be followed and proved anytime in manufacturing the best slabs of the stones we choose and use for countertop installation. One of the main options available in our company is Cambria installation. This brand is the finest quartz alternative in the industry, and while we offer variables and other options, we always want to make sure we are getting you the latest technologies.

At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we work with the entire line of Cambria, and this includes the most expensive options to the most affordable ones. You can rest assured that regardless of the slabs and specific quartz you choose, quality won’t be a disappointment in all aspects:

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Aesthetics
  • Heatproof
  • Resistance
  • And more.

We recommend reviewing or keeping an eye on the catalog available. While working with Cambria, you may also want to establish a budget after you have determined whether you can finance the slabs and brand. Otherwise, it can be a bit disappointing having a dream around it and having to quit after.

Now, keep in mind that working with Cambria means you will be choosing quartz as the main element for your countertops. Most people think there are variations with other materials and natural stones, but the entire principle and goal of the company is to compete with other options, even on a large scale and the entire spectrum.

Therefore, be confident and certain about using quartz; if you aren’t, we can bring some recommendations-based n great brands and manufacturers in the industry.

What Makes Cambria Installation a Favorite Over Other Services?

Definitely shows how the company worries about quality. We have a service that is based on master quartz, which, put simply, is a type of quartz that is 93% made of stone, and the rest is resin to bring everything together and add resistance.

This is a huge difference from the regular quartz and slabs you can find, which barely have about 40% to 65% of quartz.

Now, what does this have to do with Cambria in specific? Quality is guaranteed as the company works with high percentages of quartz in their slabs. While you can have master quartz and find it in their company, the other options that are of a different section and alternative won’t be standard or low-quality.

You can expect them to last a long time and offer durability, resistance, and stunning looks. Cambria makes this different since all materials used are better as well, while the process of manufacturing each slab is unique.

Unlike other companies, they mostly work with custom or entire slabs. This means that some prefab options can be found, but this isn’t really a thing in the company, as all slabs should meet a quality standard.

Doesn’t this mean the brand will be quite pricey and expensive? Yes and no. You can find variables in the design, alternatives, and how much you will pay.

In most cases, Cambria ranges from your usual granite to the quartz you can find on the market, ranging from $37 to $120 per square foot or, in some cases, slabs. This is something to wonder and ask based on the project and what you are trying to get through our installers, and the options they offer.

What’s The Best Design from Cambria to Install?

Ay, you prefer. Since durability and quality won’t be factors to extremely worry about, you get the chance to work with our team on your preferences whole, considering your budget second.

Cambria works with three specific slab sizes:

  • The standard option is 310cm x 141cm.
  • Jumbo slabs go up to 335cm x1 66cm.
  • And the super jumbo option for 345cm x 203cm.

We highly recommend going for a custom size in case it is needed. Moreover, not all designs are available in all sizes, which could limit the preference you have for the design.

Work with us step by step and review the stunning white quartz, the pattern with some unique beige or black, some dark tones, and designs that can fit your vision overall.

At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we will bring all factors to play and make sure you feel confident and happy with the decision you are making for your space and countertop installation with Cambria as the protagonist.