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At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we truly care about our clients and always work on their needs and requirements. Countertop installation is already a hassle when you have to think about designs, materials, and all elements. Therefore, we want to make this process simple and functional. To do so, we always perform proper inspections and assessments and follow them with estimates that can be negotiated. We know people have budgets and specific requirements, so don’t take our first estimate specific as the final price.

But is it even worth it to hire professionals? We get this quite often, and while our answer will feel and look biased, there are good reasons to hire countertop installers:

  • You have more control over the project regardless of the space or where you plan to install the countertops.
  • Proper inspection and assessment are performed in order to understand needs. Additionally, this allows you to identify any difficulties, problems, and how you need to work on the space to get the right results.
  • We consider all aspects, this includes size, preferences, and budget.
  • It is possible to get a custom design that will adapt better to your vision and what you are looking for.
  • Avoid all the problems around time, costs, acquiring tools, and having to put yourself in a certain danger level.
  • Keeping everything clean and organized during and after the process.
  • Working on specific needs instead of relying on prefabricated slabs and materials for the countertops.

More can be included depending on the type of project at hand, the specific request, and how you need us to work on your design.

Feel free to ask everything, clear doubts, and feel comfortable with how our countertop installers can help you.

But How Do You Get Access to Our Countertop Installers?

You can always call, email us or work around our contact form.

We answer the phone within business hours and do our best to get back to you through email within the first 5 hours after you send the request.

In case we cannot answer right away, we will never take longer than 24 hours to reply. We want to make sure you can have access to all information and details so that you can be comfortable and be able to compare.

We are more than aware that many potential clients reach out to get information that can be compared, especially the price. We won’t be bothered by this. Hence, feel confident to come to us and schedule the free assessment.

Our countertop installers and all professionals will do their best when working on your needs, providing advice and recommendations. We can also work with you on other projects and entire remodeling or renovations.

It is up to what you need, expect, and can afford. We never go beyond your boundaries and ensure you can have proper balance. Otherwise, you would be uncomfortable and spend more time or resources than you can and have.

Ask all questions, clear doubts, and let us be there for you in any commercial or residential countertop, backsplash and remodeling, or renovation project.