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Solid surface countertop installation, Jupiter Countertop Installers

When you are thinking about countertops, you usually go for natural stones, so don’t feel bad if this is the first option you consider for your space. It is only natural, and we don’t think you leave space for regrets in it. However, solid surface countertop installation has become popular over the past decade, and people are starting to wonder what’s so special about it. At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we highly recommend this option if you are thinking about quality and durability and get to save some resources and money for the entire project.

We can guide you through the option and make sure you can get the most out of your time and project. First, we will need to introduce you to the whole concept and idea of solid surface countertops. Even more, downgrade the concept to solid surfaces above all.

A solid surface is far from natural, which is why there is a clear distinction between what you get when choosing natural stones or going synthetic and mixed or fabricated ones. The way this surface is made is by mixing minerals and resins to keep a homogeneous material that will be smooth, thanks to the approach.

The best part is that depending on the process you choose and the specific design you are aiming for when it comes to the solid surface, you can get a matte or high-gloss finish, which opens more options in design.

There are multiple variations, colors, projects, patterns, and more. Therefore, you will want to consider what works better around your preferences and what you are trying to obtain in the kitchen or bathroom as a whole design and experience.

What you need to know above all is that solid surfaces are stable and, as you would expect, durable and long-lasting.

What’s the Best About Choosing Solid Surface Countertop Installation?

Definitely how it is nonporous. While natural stones are stunning, you should worry about their properties and what you get from them overall. In most cases, you will struggle with future performance and quality, leading to how you need to invest in more expenses and improvements later on.

We want to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the result you are getting; for it, we have to work on the surface and type of use you will give your countertops. This way, you won’t regret the decision and can work better around quality and longevity.

To set a proper option, we want you to consider the elements and benefits of choosing solid surfaces for your countertops:

  • You have an almost nonporous surface. You won’t have to worry about how you need to clean it, and you will be able to maintain your surface free of most bacteria or all of it.
  • People will be able to tell the difference between your surfaces… or not. While solid surface countertops are not identical and far from natural stones in quality, you can simulate some specific designs and options.
  • You can repair your surfaces, which is never possible with natural stones unless you are willing to make massive changes and most likely replace the entire slab. This can be expensive, but being able to repair the countertop keeps costs within a fair budget.
  • Multiple colors and designs. While the limitations may feel more than with natural stones, you can have more creativity and combine natural pigments to get your desired colors and designs.

We recommend reviewing options and focusing on comfort, what you can afford, and little maintenance, and considering all elements around designs and your budget for this project.

Will Our Team Work with Any Solid Surface Countertop Installation?

Without problems. We don’t have limitations about whom we can help or not. Moreover, we take on small and large-scale projects equally and make sure you can be happy with the design and results provided.

Our Jupiter Countertop Installers team takes all the time for proper inspection, assessment, design, and planning. Therefore, don’t question our skills, and feel free to inquire about your project. We will happily provide details about what you need, what can be done, and how much this will cost.

It is possible to request and schedule a free inspection and estimate with us before deciding to work with the team. We will happily deliver it regardless of the general or specific idea you may have for your space.

Feel free to call, email us or use our contact form to get all the information about solid surface countertop installations.