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Custom stone installers, Jupiter Countertop Installers

You can come to us at Jupiter Countertop Installers and expect our team to address all your needs, work around comfort and requirements, and rest assured that any custom project will be carefully handled by our professionals. Our custom stone installer & team are the main people in our company to work around kitchens and with, specifically, homeowners. Since most of them have questions and doubts about what they should do for their countertops, custom stones come in handy as they cover your needs, and you get the chance to inquire about your budget and what you can get done in the short and long run.

Now, our service isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It is all about working on customization and making sure you get a result and design before anything else that works around your preferences and all expenses involved. We will bring a stone that works in durability, longevity, design, and price.

But where do we start to make all this happen? Around inspection and customization. We have to make sure that we have a good concept of the needs at hand and what we can do for you. Then we will have more freedom to work with what is a must in your space and what can be ignored.

Custom stones are often misinterpreted as fabricating slabs from scratch with different options. However, this is more about choosing the most suitable stone for your countertops based on the following:

  1. Your budget.
  2. The use you will give them.
  3. What place there are they being installed in.
  4. Your requirements in maintenance and durability.
  5. The time or deadline for the project.

We will take our time with this process and make sure that all inspection and estimate is perfect. Then you can take the time to decide.

Why Custom Stone Installer & Not Regular Contractors?

If you have made a decision about what you want to install or what you want for your space, you can always come to us for the specific service and project.

Custom stone installation is usually when you may have more than a basic need for the countertops or when you are planning an installation but don’t know where to start and how.

We will be there to help you consider the options you have, how we can work on your kitchen or bathroom, and focus on the most suitable stone. In case you want to mix them and have a countertop with one option and additional space with another, this is doable here as well.

But does this mean that when you have a stone in mind, you should scroll down that service? Not necessarily.

You can still request this option and work with us around it. All our countertop installers are more than experienced and skilled to work with all your spaces and needs. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this project and having to request any specific service based on your ideas.

The main difference we could mention is how we will approach the project. We will assume you have a choice here and want us to help with it. In case you don’t, we will have to know the context and how we can make it happen, and how to provide support for your needs.

We know there is a lot of work to consider, and having us provide a more customized approach will help you. Even when you may have a stone in mind already, a different support could make you understand or realize that another one could be better based on all relevant factors.

How Much Does Custom Stone Installer Charge?

Prices will always depend on the material used, how we have to work around it and make sure you get all the fixtures and needs covered. Therefore, it is hard to establish a price.

However, the industry works around $10 to $15 per square foot on labor costs, but we do include our prices and labor on the square foot of every material and stone. Hence, you will have every detail listed, and we will provide a list with all implications.

At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we do consider your expenses and needs. Therefore, don’t worry too much about high costs. Instead, focus on the most suitable stone, how we get to work around it, and what you need for your space.

Kitchens, bathrooms, receptions, and more. Our custom stone installer will be there to support you on every step and element involved.