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Deciding to hire Countertop Installers can be quite a wild decision for you, considering how you may have thought about approaching the project for your kitchen or any other space by yourself. While installing new pieces and countertops may look simple, it takes a lot of work and time. Moreover, you never know whether you will get the expected result. At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we always recommend relying on qualified experts that can make your life easier and simpler in terms of expenses, choosing the best options, and considering aesthetics while working on crucial elements.

We understand that many people avoid hiring professionals because the idea and possible expenses are not that appealing. However, installing countertops is not as simple as buying the materials and starting “pasting” the granite or option you chose. This takes experience due to how the type of countertop chosen must be treated. Additionally, not all spaces are in good condition or eligible for certain materials depending on the use and specific design you are looking for.

Hiring contractors end up being less expensive and, more importantly, reduces all possibilities of damage and hassle because of how you get to address every aspect. For instance, you can have our team inspect your space, understand your project, work around a specific level of durability and longevity, and all the aesthetics you are looking for.

Having us as your professionals includes:

  • You get to define the best way you can handle the project and avoid any dangers, hazards, and accidents.
  • Make sure you are getting the desired result and all elements for your space within a budget.
  • Guarantee proper countertop installation to avoid further problems.
  • Get all needs and requests addressed properly.

Are Countertops Easy to Install, or Should You Hire a Professional?

We like addressing DIY projects carefully because we know that most people consider installing their countertops without help, especially if it is a small project or process.

The difficulties related to countertop installation start right at the beginning of the process. First, you always need to think about the materials. Are they good quality? What about the price? Do you have what it takes to finish your project?

Second, consider the expertise and experience required. Most of the time, you must cut the slabs and worry about the placement and the countertops’ appearance. Additionally, you must consider your opportunities in maximizing materials and making sure you have proper use for everything.

Third, you want safety while also thinking about your expenses. While getting materials and doing it yourself can save some cash, you ought to consider durability and the difficulty of the process.

Finally, professionals should be able to determine, address, and solve any problems in the project before, during, and after. Hence, you won’t have to worry about any unexpected issues and consider spending more on how you can fix this alone.

We always recommend our clients or potential ones to consider the pros and cons. More importantly, time is also money, so you may want to think about how quickly you can get things done and how much you are losing while doing it yourself.

To avoid all these problems and expense ideas, we have free first-time inspections and estimates for each service. You can come to our team and schedule an assessment to follow it with a quote from the tea. We will happily work with you and make sure you have an idea of costs and even try to adapt them to your requirements and budget.

Is Countertop Installation Messy?

This is one of the most common questions we have in our company as homeowners, and everyone trying to install countertops really worry about how messy this will leave their spaces.

Overall, it is. Due to the removal and installation, you will have a lot of dust and some dirt during the process. We have to handle concrete for the base or foundation of your countertops. The material chosen for the kitchen or any other space will also be “a problem” in this aspect as it needs to be prepared in certain aspects right during the placement.

This is why we take our time to address all safety measures and prevention methods to reduce dust and all the waste and disruptions in the property and your daily activities. We will do our best by covering vents and doorways, making sure the dust stays in the kitchen, removing all materials and belongings that could be damaged, and covering the others that cannot be removed.

If you are trying to install appliances or other elements, we will consider what must be done first. However, over 85% of the appliances tend to go before countertops, so we highly recommend keeping this in mind.

Fridges, cabinets, drop-in cooktops, and more. We can protect your space during their installation and consider doing them ourselves, depending on the request. However, you need to let us know beforehand so that we can offer a better plan.

Overall, you will have the usual dirt and dust from construction but reduced to all the white dust we know about. It will be messy due to the materials and process, but your place can be taken care of properly to avoid any issues with all the space and its messiness.

What Is the Best Type of Countertop You Can Install?

The one you like the most.

There are always going to be preferences, and whenever someone comes and asks us this, we truly mean it: choose what you like the most.

However, we all know several considerations apply when you want to choose a material and type that can fulfill certain aspects and goals:

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Aesthetics
  • Costs or affordability.

In many cases, people consider and want materials that look stunning, but they aren’t the best options for the places where they will be installed. You need to know the materials and types’ properties and benefits before you make a decision about what you will install or not.

Granite is the classic option people go for. But if there is, a disadvantage that should always be considered is how pricey it can be. You can have a stunning place and definitely a durable one, but the costs will be quite high.

Marble doesn’t fall too far, and it is even more expensive than granite. It is often used for kitchens and bathrooms, but it can be quite porous, so you want to keep an eye on where you are installing it and the way you will use the countertops.

Other options like quartz, tiles, porcelain, arabescato, and specific types of each option mentioned so far should be added to the list.

In most cases, people find quartz more durable, still stunning, and even affordable when finding a good brand with proper offers and options. We always recommend performing an inspection and then working on your preference since it is better to adopt one from scratch than go over several ideas, which could affect your budget and the deadline for the project at hand.

How to Install Countertops with Our Contractors

All it takes is a call or email.

We don’t make it difficult for people to reach out and work with our professionals so that the entire process is perfectly addressed. We are really invested in how we can keep it simple and ensure you don’t have to repeat the whole process.

That being said, the way countertop installation works follows some standard steps, but this doesn’t mean others are not added as we see is needed.

The type of material or countertop, the project’s size and difficulties, and how it should be addressed will vary. As a result, we have to think about how you want it to look but also how it will last where it is installed and placed.

What doesn’t change are steps that are based on prep work and the way we control the situation in the space where your countertops will be installed.

  1. We have to measure the place for proper installation and know how much material is needed and any issues we can find.
  2. Consider all the materials, elements, and products needed to bring them in.
  3. Work on a design and proper installation result that is stunning, durable, and long-lasting.
  4. Show you the possible option for your space.
  5. Start preparing the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor space, or wherever you need us to install the slabs.
  6. We have to dry-fit the countertop. Scribe on it, and start cutting the perfect sizes and lines depending on the sizes we see are needed.
  7. In case your cabinets are not still installed along with other fixtures, we have to place them and make sure the measures are correct again. Most of the time, we will do this before we have to repeat it.
  8. Get the countertop placed and fastened.

What Happens if You Need More Than Countertop Installation?

It depends on what you need, but we will be there to still provide our support around your requirements.

With this in mind, we truly invite you to learn more about our services and options. At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we pride ourselves on being more than the standard. You can find all elements here that are often related and connected to countertops.

Some of the main services we have include:

Sink and faucet installation, Jupiter Countertop Installers
Backsplash installers, Jupiter Countertop Installers
Kitchen remodeling, Jupiter Countertop Installers
Bathroom renovation, Jupiter Countertop Installers
Cabinet installation, Jupiter Countertop Installers
  • Specific brands.

We work with Radiance, Cambria, Silestone, and other brands for your countertops. Therefore, rest assured that you will have high-quality countertops all prepared, placed, and installed.

How Much Does Countertop Installation Cost?

This will depend on many factors, which is why giving an average turns out quite difficult when people reach out to get this information. In many cases, you will have a countertop project that costs about $10 per square foot. However, materials such as granite, marble, and quartz itself can be quite expensive.

Some range from $35 to $89 per square foot or the slab and piece. This can make prices and the whole installation quite expensive. In many cases, they don’t even include labor costs.

We always do our best to find pieces and options that can adapt to your budget. However, this proves to be quite an issue when you think about the situation.

This is why we highly recommend working with our team on proper inspections and assessments and getting an estimate for your specific project. This way, you will be able to get all the information and details based on your circumstances and preferences.

You can schedule one for free if this is your first time contacting us or want to get something adjusted after some time since you are considering hiring us now. We will happily set it up and ensure our countertop contractors work around all aspects:

  • The type of space we are working with.
  • All the preferences in the materials and types for your countertop.
  • The size of the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor space, reception, or any other place.
  • Your budget or how much you are willing to spend on this project.
  • Any requirements and elements you need us to include in the process?
  • The specific design and how we can find alternatives if needed.

We always think about bringing multiple options unless you are fixed on a specific type, design, and preference for your countertops.

Where Do We Start as Your Countertop Installers?

It will depend on the situation and project. However, inspections and assessments are always mandatory and needed.

Many people decide to request a quote or estimate based on the information they give us. This is doable, but the information won’t be as accurate since there are some blank spaces to fill before we can offer you proper services.

While you can reach out and request the quote, we recommend working with our team on an inspection before moving forward.

After we have worked on it, we start designing the space. The outline and process or option will be a draft when we provide the quote and inspection results. However, we can offer a more accurate and clean design once you have chosen us for the installation.

Once done, we move with all the steps around the installation:

  • Getting the best materials.
  • Cutting the slabs according to your space’s measurements.
  • Consider prep work and properly cover all elements or remove them.
  • Make sure the space is prepared for the type of design and project.
  • Start placing the slabs or elements, such as cabinets and appliances, in case you want us to include this.
  • Test the countertops and all elements.
  • Clean the space and leave it in the best condition as your new place.

We work hard to keep the process simple and make sure there is nothing to worry about. You will get a project that fits your vision, follows your preferences, and can go according to your budget.

At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we care about every aspect and want to make your life easier in every aspect. Therefore, take the time to make this whole installation possible with our team’s help for every part and step.

Can Our Countertop Installers Work with Any Space?

Is any space needed, or where do you want to install countertops? Absolutely.

Most of our clients come to us to install their new kitchen countertops or maybe renovate a bathroom with them. This is quite common as the features and designs are usually in those places.

However, you can work with us regardless of the space. Many commercial properties and their owners have contacted us to work around their receptions, waiting areas, labs, and where they need a reliable surface that is durable, long-lasting, and still stunning.

We will work with any of those projects and make sure they are properly installed. Feel free to come to us and inquire about the process.

Regardless of the size, our countertop contractors will get it done based on your needs and the specific improvements and options you are looking for.

Overall, you have options that will depend on the use and preferences you have. Considering some materials are porous, others aren’t, or maybe you are looking for a specific design, we will have to work on customization as always.

Countertops can be utilized in many ways, and this isn’t about creativity. Outdoor and indoor spaces can equally benefit as long as the design is well done and followed with proper prep work and installation.

For this, we take our time. This is why we always mention assessment and inspection importance and relevance during projects since they allow us to have a better perspective and bring all the support you require for your space.

Feel free to contact us and have our team work on your projects and needs. We will happily address every part and make sure you don’t have to worry about expenses, budget, design, durability, and other essential elements in improving and enhancing your space.

Can You Count on Our Team for Your Countertop Installation?

All year round. We are here to work with you in all elements and make sure you don’t have to tackle such a laborious and, at some point, dangerous process.

Our team offers all services at any time of the year. However, those related to outdoor spaces may need some consideration. Since the weather matters in planning your process, you may want to reach out when you are in summer or rains are not that frequent.

This may be a bit difficult considering how it has been lately, but our company will make the most out of every day and hour. Hence, don’t feel too pressured about choosing a specific time. We are here to help you and make this entire process possible without problems.

You can reach out to our team via phone, email, or by using our contact form. You can either request a service, schedule an inspection, or let us know if you need some advice so that our team can approach you and discuss what you have in mind.

There is no need to come with an immediate request. Some people have a project in mind, but the how or what isn’t always clear. We can start here and make sure you don’t worry about anything.

On the other hand, we offer services in over eight different locations:

  • Jupiter Island.
  • Juno Beach.
  • Palm Beach Gardens.
  • North Palm Beach.
  • Jupiter Inlet Colony.
  • Downtown Abacoa.
  • Singer Island.
  • Juno Ridge.
  • Jupiter Farms.

In case your city doesn’t show, feel free to contact us and inquire about our visit. We don’t usually incur any transportation fees if you are within the area of the previous 10 locations. Hence, be comfortable and rely on us.