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Backsplash installers, Jupiter Countertop Installers

Most people seem to forget they need to work around all elements in their kitchens and bathrooms to consider it a good design. However, most of them only focus on countertops and flooring. While they are important for your space, and you aren’t complete without them, other elements, such as a backsplash to protect your walls, are equally important in the process. Our team at Jupiter Countertop Installers is always working hard with all property owners to get them all the support needed. We can help and support you with our specialized backsplash installers and ensure your time and resources are not wasted.

That being said, where do we start with the whole backsplash installation process? Well, we need to help you choose the most suitable design and material for it. In all cases, backsplashes are mostly about tiles and how to use them, which is why options in design and the usual materials you can use differ much from what you have as countertops or flooring.

Other people and professionals usually forget to mention that you have to care about quality and how your backsplashes complement the rest of the design in the space.

This is why we always start with a proper inspection and work our way from there. This way, you won’t have to worry about quality, results, and what you can get with your design and the way you are addressing the process. Instead, you get to focus on your preferences while we think about your needs and what you want to get done throughout the whole project.

Your budget, requirements, preferences, and other external factors, all matter to us. Hence, feel free to place a request and mention something you would like for your room or space.

How Long Do Our Backsplash Installers Take?

This will entirely depend on the specific backsplash that is being installed. However, for common and popular reasons, we will focus on the essentials and the process we usually follow.

Tiles are the common option among individuals trying to get backsplash installed. While you can place entire slabs and work more on covering your walls with a specific material, tiles are more popular due to the comfort, variables, and different design options they offer.

This is why we will list and focus on the project based on this aspect and option alone for now.

  1. We have to clean your space, and in case this isn’t a new project or process but rather a replacement, assess how we will get rid of the current backsplash.
  2. Our professionals will remove everything, clean the walls, and make sure we apply any primers or products needed.
  3. We have to install a ledger board before we get to install your tiles.
  4. In case of any imperfections and problems with the look and way it is, we can work with you on fixing holes or specific damage in your walls.
  5. Once everything is done and dry, we proceed with the tile design, placement, and applying the adhesive to the wall.
  6. If it has dried, we proceed to install the tile step by step. Then mix the grout and apply it to seal the surface and have a specific finish for the installation.
  7. All gaps will be filled while we replace or install outlets and switches covers in your space.

You can take your time to address the option you have and how we can work with you around this process. Feel free to schedule an inspection or work around a specific design and backsplash with us.

Backsplash Installation Costs to Consider

You do t have to spend a fortune on this process. The average usually goes from $12 to $38 per square foot. What we recommend doing is working around materials you like that are more affordable than the luxurious ones.

At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we can offer recommendations and make sure you have a good idea of your options. Based on that, we can work on every step and bring a design and estimate that is efficient and suitable for your kitchen, budget, and the durability you are looking for.

On the other hand, you can establish a budget for us or inquire about multiple options. In case you are looking for a specific design and type of backsplash, we can get it for you and ensure it is properly installed.

Take the time to reach out and have our backsplash installers work on every step with you.