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Porcelain installers, Jupiter Countertop Installers

Porcelain is not really the first material that comes to mind when you decide to work on your countertops. However, you would be surprised by all its pros or benefits compared to your usual options in the industry. First, it is usually scratchproof. While quartz is one of the top options, you can notice how porcelain surpasses it in this case. Second, you can benefit from its UV resistance while also having a heatproof benefit. Finally, durability, longevity, and aesthetics come hand in hand with how you can have great countertops. Our porcelain installers at Jupiter Countertop Installers are ready to address this option with you and review all possibilities.

Most people think that porcelain comes in a unique version of being quite a fragile material. At the same time, this option is common for your teacups and specific plates and elements. They are stunning but not really known for their durability and resistance. They will easily break as soon as you look at them differently, as exaggerated as this may sound.

However, the porcelain used for countertops is usually a mix of this powdered Chinese stone with white clay and kaolin. High temperature is always used to vitrify it into a dense mix and create the desired shapes.

Silica, minerals, and other elements can be used to improve quality and how the element performs. While this may sound simple in terms of composition, you truly have to think about the element itself. Many problems come with how you handle the designs and projects. Therefore, you will have to find high-quality porcelain providers, which we help you with at all costs and processes.

Feel free to inquire with us on every step and how we get the whole process done with the best professionals and porcelain installers.

Why Should You Choose Porcelain Countertops?

Compared to quartz and even marble, you will notice an improvement in how heat endurance works. Porcelain offers much more on this aspect, and the principle and benefit lie in the main element itself.

While the mix and other elements, such as silica, do add resistance, porcelain itself is quite durable and UV resistant. As a result, you don’t have to worry about placing pans or pots directly and can worry less about stains caused by this.

Following this, you get a hard and durable surface that won’t scratch that easily. It won’t break, and many people even use the surface directly to cut and prepare food. While this may feel a bit too much, it is doable depending on how you are using the space and working on it.

It isn’t porous, which just keeps adding to more benefits as this means you can use it in multiple areas, from kitchens and bathrooms to some outdoor projects for your business or home.

Next, you will be delighted to know that its maintenance is quite simple. You have to clean it periodically as you use it, but no extra services are needed.

Finally, you have two main benefits some people forget to mention:

  • Many colors and patterns in design. While the color choices will feel limited, you can use natural pigments to get the desired result. Therefore, it is doable to have colors that vary from the usual white and similar options.
  • UV light resistance is often neglected or ignored, but it is what allows it to last longer in terms of discoloring and how it can perform outdoors.

We recommend considering all benefits and addressing the option with our team’s help and support in every aspect.

Why Wouldn’t People Choose Our Porcelain Installers?

More than not choosing our installers, it would be about choosing the material.

Overall, porcelain is stunning, durable, and long-lasting. Everything you need on a countertop. However, this comes at more expenses. It isn’t cheap, and you can have problems trying to install it, which is why hiring professionals is the only approach you should go for.

At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we allow you to be worry-free about the installation and focus more on the quality and design. We can help you with costs as well and try to work around a budget based on the porcelain options and brands we work with.

We highly recommend scheduling an inspection and estimate with our team so that we can address the process better with you, and you don’t have to worry about prices after hiring us. This is free the first time, and you can take your time deciding whether you want to work with us or not on the process.