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Silestone installation, Jupiter Countertop Installers

Silestone is one of the best options when considering quartz for your kitchen, bathroom, or countertop. This brand has made a name for itself by offering countertops and slabs that are made out of 94% natural quartz. This makes it quite a good option and competitive compared to Cambria and Caesarstone. But considering you have this option and many others, when should you choose Silestone installation for your space? At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we do our best so that you have a clear idea of what the brand offers, what you get, and how we can perform the perfect installation.

Silestone countertops are one of the favorite options in the industry today due to their durability, how easy it is to maintain them, and the wide range of colors and designs you have. However, this also means they can be quite pricey and lead to some extra expenses for your project.

However, Cambria and Caesarstone don’t really fall behind in costs. All those brands come with great options, but expensive is another adjective we can add to the list.

People choose Silestone because of its designs and how eco-friendly the company is. While quartz remains the main material with all the percentages, the rest is based on Cosentino’s sustainable HybridQ+ process and option. This makes the entire production to be 20% recycled materials, including glass.

Consentino es the actual brand and company, but you will find that Silestone is more one of the lines and categories included for quartz and how hard mineral is used for it.

We would love to introduce you properly and ensure you consider this Silestone installation before moving forward with your project and ideas.

What Is Silestone in All This Quartz Element?

It is part of the materials used for the composition and production of the quartz slabs you are acquiring. Cosentino decided to include it because you can add nonporous to the properties of the countertop, which is common with quartz, but this doesn’t mean durability isn’t affected on an overall picture.

You will still have to consider some bacteria and how you don’t want to maintain your spaces humid or wet. However, adding Silestone to the mix helps bring more nonporous properties due to the material’s natural for this while keeping your surfaces germ-free.

The entire purpose lies in how it makes the finish glossier, look better and polished, and simply works on durability and longevity. However, you need to consider the situation of whether this is what you require considering the price or costs for the slabs.

Some other options, like Cambria and Caesarstone, focus on a different approach to production, which could benefit you a bit more.

However, if you are trying to read all benefits, such as how eco-friendly the product turns out to be, then Silestone is the option to go.

On the other hand, you should consider the rest of the pros and cons when choosing this material and countertops. For instance, you have a wide variety and range of colors, textures, and styles. While quartz is known for its light colors, you will have more variations with Silestone alone, ranging from light to darker tones regardless of your specific slab.

How Much Will You Spend on Silestone Installation?

Overall, you won’t have to worry about higher prices than the standard. Most people only think about costs and comparisons. If this is your case and you want to put Cambria, Silestone, and other brands together, the prices and range won’t really vary.

They are high-quality and almost luxury options in the industry. As a result, you will get surfaces that are always at the top of every standard and element besides the usual options you can find in the market.

At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we work with you to find suitable prices, consider the options, and work on them around your budget. On average, people spend from $42 to $121 per square foot or slab depending on how the company works with estimates, which vary depending on the specific Silestone you choose.

Feel free to contact us and have our professionals work through every step and element for your Silestone installation in any space, kitchen, room, or project at hand.