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Master quartz installers, Jupiter Countertop Installers

When trying to get high-quality countertops for your property, you have to think about the stone you will use, the brand, and how high-quality the material is. Quartz is a good example of this. While this non-precious stone is the hardest and probably the most stunning one when properly worked with and designed, not everyone works with it in good proportions. After all, you never get a slab that is 100% made of the material, which means that its variables and the other materials matter. Our company has master quartz installers that make use of the best quality quartz in the market.

Before we can even start explaining our service or how we can reach a specific level of pros and cons, do you know what master quartz is? This is a common question; we are always happy to clarify it when working on those elements.

Master quartz is the highest quality option due to how it is made. It has 93% natural stone; the rest is just resin to bring the material together and get a durable surface. This is a standard in durability and quality, but not everyone offers the same percentage.

Some people sell master quartz with percentages ranging from 88% to 92%. This means you can find variations in this same type, which can make a significant difference when you are looking for designs and specific results.

Our company only works with the 93% made master quartz and works with you on considerations and needs. We do our best to bring the result to place and ensure you get the best materials.

Considering quartz can be expensive, and this master one will surely be, we don’t want a half-assess approach and option.

Will You Notice the Difference with Master Quartz Countertops?

Absolutely. While you are looking at the material and specific surface, you may not tell much of a difference until you compare them properly.

This is why we always put both options in perspective and make sure you understand each quartz’s benefits and how you can choose. Most of the time, normal quartz is rougher. You won’t notice much of the shiny feature and need to work on scratches and a bit more maintenance than usual.

However, master quartz looks a lot more like marble, and the surface is smoother and shinier. You will bring a more durable result and aesthetically pleasing design for your countertops and what you can get done in your space.

We always recommend being sure of whether you get this or not. We are aware that master quartz is not a cheap option, and when you compromise, you truly want this to be worth it regardless of where it will be installed.

Therefore, take the time to consider all expenses and how you can get the most out of your investment. We will do our best to always provide the best master quartz in the market to ensure the installation is just as good as the material itself.

But what about all the aesthetics in terms of colors and designs? You can have a wide variety of options that will look like granite and marble.

Feel free to inquire about this will our team, and we will bring all variations or specific options based on what you are looking for. You can call, email us or use our contact form for it. We will be there in no time and make this work without further considerations or how you should be getting your space handled.

How Much Does Master Quartz Cost in the Industry?

You can be surprised to know that master quartz doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it will surely become more of an expense than the standard type.

Many people pay about $170 per slab, and sometimes, the square foot can range from $80 to $120, depending on the specific material and design.

At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we will do our best so that you have proper control over the budget, options, and how much you are about to spend on all this. We will happily work with you and ensure you don’t have to worry about all elements and bring variables in range for the price.

You can always schedule a consultation and estimate so that you can get your custom option and quote with all the details listed. In case of more requirements, let us know right away to include them.