Semi-precious gemstone installation, Jupiter Countertop Installers

Best Semi-Precious Gem Stone Installation in Jupiter, Florida

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Semi-precious gemstone installation, Jupiter Countertop Installers

Working around quality and designs always takes time if you want something that is properly done and won’t disappoint you in the short and long run. However, most people seem to forget this until they have reached that point in which they notice the damage and differences around quality and the way the surface performs. Meanwhile, there are others who have a hard time deciding how much they want to invest in this, not because of limitations but rather projects that involve lots of resources and money. Semi-precious gem stone installation is a good example of this.

At Jupiter Countertop Installers, we have been working with these luxury and stunning options for over two decades, and we really pride ourselves on them for two specific reasons:

  1. They cannot be simply acquired based on a standard and design. All slabs and countertops are custom-made and need to be personalized for the person requesting the installation.
  2. You have to consider that this is a luxury project, and the budget goes quite high with it, which is why we want to make sure you get the most accurate and perfect result of all.

But how does this process of having semi-precious gem stone works? Is the entire slab made of them, or is it partially made of stones?

While the idea of having an entire slab of semi-precious gem stones looks and sounds appealing, this isn’t only extremely expensive but also not as doable as others would think. Getting an entire slab would take a lot of time and resources. However, working on a partial design with engraved gem stones is the right approach in most projects and cases.

We highly recommend inquiring about all this and letting us know what’s your vision for the project so that we can provide the best service.

How Does the Entire Semi-Precious Gem Stone Slab Work?

In case you are going for the entire design and slab, you need to understand that this goes in parts. You will have individual semi-precious gem stones bound together with epoxy resin, so it is possible to get the entire slab and have the whole design handled. However, you can choose to have partial additions to how the slab looks with a main option, such as marble and quartz, and engrave gem stones from there.

The first option is the most expensive one, as we mentioned before, but quite popular among all people and our clients due to the durability and stunning design you can get. However, you have to mentalize how this will take place and all expenses involved.

When you have made a decision, we have to start working on the semi-precious stones you want. Our team works with absolutely every option, and when it isn’t doable due to availability or the situation itself, we will do our best to either find a variation or see how we can make it possible.

Some of the stones we can use for your space and countertop include agate, tiger eye, amethyst, rubies, rose quartz, natural agate, golden or crystal quartz, and much more.

We recommend coming to us with a preference and working with our team to get a specific design in mind. Even when you have the semi-precious gemstone decided, most of them come with certain subtypes. This means you still have to choose colors, variations, and what you can do in the space.

Feel free to review the subtypes or main types with us. Then we will work on the proper design and plan to get you all the slab or the specific countertop with some engravings in it.

How Much Does Semi-Precious Gem Stone Installation Cost?

Well, the price will never be low. You need to think about the specific materials you are using and the gem stone cost. In most cases, people end up paying about $100 per square foot, while others can cost about $130 to $175.

Lower costs are possible, but the specific gem stone used will determine this, along with the design you have in mind. We can lower it in case it is a partial installation and design you are looking for, but we still have a lot of factors to consider.

Feel free to schedule a free inspection and estimate with us. You can discuss the countertop you want and the design you are aiming for, and we will think about how we can make it possible step by step. This way, you will have an initial cost, adapt it better, and get the chance to meet our crafters.